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I love makeup, arm wrestling, and alcoholic smoothies. I get mad about feminist topics. Flamingos are my favorite.





how people miss the racial commentary of this song is still so astounding to me. it’s so clearly a fuck white beauty standards song.

most white people so drunk off whiteness, they don’t even get it.

who knew though…… by 2014, white people would “discover” twerking and  convince themselves that jennifer lopez and other white bitches made booty a good thing to have. lol.

they still can’t admit that black women are beautiful. they will just keep magic wand selecting all of our features as beautiful, but not beautiful on us.

How many people paid attention to this part of the video

ok that shit was obvious, like he even says ” Cosmo says you’re fat, well I aint down with that”

they only hear a black man hollering about butts and find it hilarious and dont really listen to anything else

So…I’m seeing this a lot lately. Is J.Lo considered white now? is Latina no longer considered of color?

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whats better than this

guys being dudes

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let me die

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how am I supposed to eat this ass without my drink?!


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Its amazing how awesome guys think they are if they’re willing to eat pussy. Like they are just fucking heroes or something. It’s like if they go down on you they think that should excuse any other asshole behaviors they can come up with. Like no thanks I expect you to eat pussy, go to your job, AND respect me like a human. What can I say, I’m greedy.



the “i’m not afraid to verbally assault a middle schooler if they look at my kid the wrong way” haircut


Also the “Let me speak to a manager” haircut…

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